Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organization is a serious commitment, so you better make sure that you’re making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones.
Innovative Professional Permanent Staffing Services give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a Highly Experience, Specialists & energetic members strong team of Talent Acquisition or Head Hunting, who dedicate themselves to helping your company achieve its business objectives with right person for right job.

Our process is foolproof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time.

We support our clients and candidates through each stage of the interview process. Through our considerable expertise and experience, we deliver the most successful candidates to our valuable customers when it comes to permanent recruitment. And we go one step ahead because our post-placement follow-up helps us to deliver employee retention levels above the standards.


If you find yourself wading knee-deep in resumes from candidates who do not meet the requirements of your project or business, you are wasting precious time, money, and energy. Leave staffing problems to the expert professionals,
So, you can focus your energy and attention on what really matters - your core business. You can rely on our professional talent Acquisition specialists to find the perfect employees for you to either increase staff strength for new projects, or to replenish your employee numbers.

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Recruitment of Manpower-:
    Scope of Work: -
  • JD Formulations.
  • Sourcing of Candidates as per client requirement in desire manner & timeline.
  • Submission of candidate’s profiles along with customized candidature summary.
  • Coordination & Follow ups with candidates
  • Arranging Schedules for Interviews
  • Negotiation with Candidates as per client’s requirement.
  • Coordination for Joining or on boarding of selected candidates
  • Helping Client’s on boarding Team for Submission of selected candidate’s required documents.

(1) Understand your requirements

The first step in our process is understanding the client. We will spend time understanding your business, long-term and short-term objectives, company culture, and background. If needed, we will also visit your workplace to get a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the ideal c andidate that you're looking for.

(2) Customized recruitment plan

Once we gather all the details, we will develop a tailor-made recruiting plan just for you. We have a large network of job seekers and talented candidates who may currently not be actively looking for a new job, but may be interested in a good offer. We also use our strategic alliances, personal networks, and contacts at civic and professional organizations to widen our search.

(3) Shortlisting and verification of candidates

Once we identify a few candidates, we will start with customized interviews to start the shortlisting process. The top candidates will have the hard and soft skills that are necessary for the profile. We also conduct a background check, and verification of work history and professional references.

Out of this pool, we select the most suitable candidates and forward you their profiles. We work closely with you to help you select the best candidate and finalize the job offer.

(4) Finalizing the job offer and follow-up

We will also help you with the final job offer, managing negotiations, and securing the signed offer letter from the candidate. We also have an ongoing follow-up process where we work with you and the candidate to ensure that the on-boarding process goes without a hitch.

In the dynamic market today, it is hard to find reliable talent that meets your unique needs. Innovative Professional Services solves your staffing problem by sourcing and recruiting the best candidates who have the potential to become permanent assets for your organization.