The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) defines RPO as “a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage one or two aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department”. This definition illustrates that RPO services are not outsourcing in the traditional sense, as working with an RPO provider is much more consultative and customizable than normal recruiting.

Why Choose RPO?

• Is RPO for you? Or are you looking for a solution that’s different from hiring a headhunter or a staffing agency? If so, then recruitment process outsourcing may be a good choice for your recruiting needs. Remember, that RPO is much more of a relationship than other outsourcing services, and recruitment process outsourcing is much more than paying someone else to do it all for you. You need to be committed to boosting your employment brand and to finding the best talent possible, instead of filling positions and simply finding people who are qualified.

• RPO programs provide high-volume talent acquisition services for professional and non-professional positions that solve compliance, scalability, cost, quality or other recruiting challenges. Our RPO solutions have a strong focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process.

Innovative Professional Services

• Through our RPO services we aim to provide result oriented, quality driven and customized solutions for your recruitment and selection outsourcing needs. The basket of offerings to our clients includes the entire spectrum of the overall Recruitment process which includes Candidate Resume Sourcing and Screening, Database Management, Recruitment Administration etc.
• While your Organization stays channelized on strategic goals and core HR areas, we step in to support your talent needs by offering people expertise with domain knowledge, infrastructure, robust processes and technology which is cost effective and ensures consistency and efficiency.
• Our focus has been on value based engagement and a long-term partnership with our Clients. We offer both – Onsite and Offsite Models within India and Offsite model for clients Globally.

Process System - RPO


• Strategic Partnership
• Specialized Resourcing Team
• Best Practices in Recruitment Processes
• Reduction in Cost per Hire
• Improved Quality & Productivity in Recruitment
• Faster Turnaround Time
• Comprehensive Reports & Analysis

Innovative Professional’ custom RPO solutions include:

• Recruiter On-Demand: Flexible, on-demand contract recruiting services provide support during challenging periods of the recruitment cycle.
• Project Based RPO: Supplement your internal team during times of need.
• Partial Cycle RPO: Implementation of specific recruiting process steps, laser focused on critical components of your talent acquisition process.
• Full Cycle RPO: All-encompassing, full cycle recruiting for hiring within targeted business areas, geographic locations or niche demands.
• Enterprise RPO: Management of the complete end-to-end recruitment processes for all business areas, including consultation and oversight of the entire talent acquisition strategy.
• Total Workforce Solutions: These solutions blend Managed Service Provider (MSP) with RPO capabilities in one integrated program to increase efficiency and visibility into your talent acquisition program.